Saturday, July 04, 2009


I am leaving on the 5th of July and will be gone until the 17th, please if you have any booking questions, please email me at Visit my website at if you have any pricing questions. I am in need of a break, it has been such a busy summer! During the month of May and June I have had over 50 shoots! I have been working till 4 am all week to try to get caught up so I can relax in Italy and Greece! Watch my website for new Italy photos, I am so excited to take photos for myself and not for work!

Nick and Cassie Engagements

Chris and Kasia Engagements

Tyson and Shantel Wedding and Bridals

Nick and Jill Wedding

Matt and Lindsay Wedding

Godswill and Linea Wedding

This was such a fun wedding, the colors were so fun to shoot! While walking around temple square we got stopped about 5 times by people who wanted their photos taken with the couple. The both had permanent smiles the entire time, so in love!

Devin and Dolly Wedding

Devin and Alisha Wedding