Hi! My name is Jessica. I have been married a little over 3years now and I have had my husband in a photo apprenticeship for almost the entire time. 

With a camera in one hand and an excitement for photography I love to go anywhere and take photos of those moments that are so personal for so many of my clients. I have a knack for capturing the emotion of a moment in a single snapshot. 

When I have to leave my camera at home (which never happens, thank you iPhone!) I love to sew, cook, knit, planning little parties for whatever reason and chatting with some of my closest friends. My favorite thing to do is travel. I could go anywhere! I have been to the countries Italy, England, Peru, Costa Rica to name a few. I plan to visit Nepal, India, Thailand, Spain over the next little while. I hope to be able to post some photos soon from each of these countries and hopefully others.