Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Macie {Utah Portrait Photographer}

I know a lot of these photos are all the same, but I love her expressions! Macie was not very cooperative for the first 2 hours, but it was fun taking some action shots of her as she was digging into her cake. She actually didn't dig into it, she was very dainty! It was so fun watching her, she would take a pinch of the frosting and eat it and she got mad when she had too much frosting and cake on her hands! The studio is up and running, if you would like to do a similar shoot, please contact me.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2011 Family Photo Recap

I had so many amazing families to work with in 2011! That is one of my favorite things about my job is meeting amazing families! There are so many times when I leave a photo shoot with a huge smile and think I hope I can have a great family like theirs. I love my job and I can't wait for the great families that I get to work with in 2012!
Yes this is me in the photo and yes I took it. This is my new family, I was married in June and I am so lucky to be apart of this great family! We took this photo on Christmas day, I love my new nieces, I just wish they lived closer.
Bruns Family, I had such a hard time just choosing a few from this family! What a fun family, their little kids are all so adorable. At first the little girls were not going to smile, by the end they were doing a little better, but as soon as I put my camera away they were all laughing together....I think that is how it works with some. Amy was one of my roommates in college and has been such a great friend! We went through the photo program together at USU and have had a lot of fun photo trips!
Birch Family, what a great family, they were so nice to work with.
Petersen Family, Brad is my cousin and I have loved taking their photos throughout the years, their kids are so adorable. I can always count on Nikki to put together super cute outfits!
Anderson Family, I am so lucky to know Colby. He is my fantastic web designer. I have him to thank for my great logo, website and the branding that he has created. His family is so sweet, I love their little girls, it has been so fun to photograph them growing up!
Abigail, what a fun girl! At the beginning of the shoot she was super shy. To get her to smile, we told her to take a nap and then she would pretend sleep and then wake up with a huge smile. At the end of the shoot, she came back out of the van and gave me a big hug and said thanks! That is why I love my job, I love kids and she was such a doll to work with!
Amber, I have known Amber's family for a long time, she comes from an awesome family, they have been such a great support to me! I went to Peru with her family in 2008 and since that time I developed a great bond with Amber and her sister Jill. When they are available they come assist me on photo shoots, I love when they are able to come, I have so much fun with them!
Deja, talk about a model! Deja was so photogenic, it was so easy and fun to take her photos. We took these photos in Twin Falls and it is so fun going to new territory! She probably thought I was a super nerd, because I was on cloud 9 with all of the new spots.
Taitem, this cute girl is one of my new nieces! We went and visited them in Oregon while we were engaged, it was so fun taking their photos and getting to know them more. I just wished they lived closer!
Baby Cardon, I went to high school with his mom Tamara, she was one of my first clients. I took her senior photos when we were still in high school and since then I took her wedding photos, her brothers mission photos, her sisters wedding and now I have had a chance to take her family photos! I love life long clients! Thanks so much Tamara!
Cole and I went to Costa Rica on our honeymoon, it was a blast, we stayed at an amazing beach front property, while we were there I was just wishing that I could do a photo shoot on the beach. On our last day we met this family at church and they happened to be staying at the same hotel as us. They asked us to do their family photos later that evening and I was super stoked. They were there for the grandparents wedding anniversary. So if anyone would like to return to this location for your photos I will be there! :)
Stott Family, what a nice family. They took these photos right before their son left on his mission. This is one of those photo shoots that I walked away with a smile, because they were such a great family!
Duffel Family, I have never photographed a little girl with so much attitude. It was hard not to laugh at what she was cute. When I told her to smile she would yell at me and say, "They are my eyes!" She would yell that and cover her eyes...I guess she thought the camera was going to steal her soul. I also tried to whistle at her to get her attention and she shooshed me! She was so cute, she was a lot more cooperative when we went back to the studio.
Redd Family, We took these photos a couple of days after Christmas at their family farm. One of the little families is from California, so it was really cold for them, but they were good sports!
Grayson, what a cute kid! And I loved his moms style, she brought the cutest props and made it so easy to get some good photos of him!
George, he called me a just wanted a few photos with the temple to send out as Christmas cards. I love older people and it was great to get to know him.
Lasley Family, I grew up around the corner from this family and I was really good friends with Toni while growing up. It is so fun to see how their family has grown, and they all have such adorable kids! The three sisters made sure we went to the perfect spots, they went and scoped everything out prior to, so it made it really fun, because we had a lot of fun places to go!
Gwen, I worked at a retirement home for about 4 years while in high school and college. I love this lady, I hadn't scene her for several years and she called me up and I was so excited that she asked me to do photos at her 90th birthday party. What a great lady!
Hunter, what a cute kid! He had so much personality during this photo shoot!
Holbrooks, I love doing this families photo shoots, their mom does such a good job with the outfits, props and ideas! I need to hire her to style me and to style all of my photo shoots. They are such a nice family, I have enjoyed getting to know them these last few years!
Jardine Family, I love this family, well I kind of have to because they are my family, but it is not hard to love them! I love having tons of cousins! We have had some good times growing up, we are a very close family and I love it! During this photo shoot we had kids running in every direction and when they weren't running they were pulling faces because of the bright day...we eventually got some good ones!
Whithead Family, what a nice family. They were great to work with.
Josh, Girls keep an eye open for this guy in a couple of years, he was such a gentleman. His mom came on the photo shoot with us and I loved getting to know them, they have such an awesome family. Josh was so kind and respectful to his mom. I hope I have boys like him some day.
Astle Family, these kids have such fun personalities! Little Jake looks so cute sitting on the chair, he was smiling and happy the entire time, I love babies like him!
Dewberry Family, this is another amazing family. I hope that I can be like them when I grow up! :) Laurie is so talented and such a great mom, she has been so fun to get to know. Joel is a fabric designer and I am in love with his fabrics, I wish I had half of his talent. Their kids were so sweet during the photos even while it was nice and cold. The spring photo shoot was right before Quilt Market, the girls have on some of the new patterns, I love the colors of his fabrics.
Baby Macie, don't you love her hair? What a doll, for being a week or so old, she was wide awake the entire shoot. This photo shoot was the start to my creating a more permanent studio, I love doing children photos and I am excited to do more with my better backdrops!
Maurie, she is such a beautiful girl, she had so much spunk and personality during this photo shoot. I loved it, she was so much fun!
Maxfield Family, I love this family! They are such an amazing family, all of the kids are so talented and they all get along so well. When I went to Peru with their family, my journal is full of ways to become like the Maxfields. I am so lucky that I have been able to associate with them!
Addie, I have never done a lot of newborn photos until this year, I am so excited to get into it more. There are so many precious photos, it was hard to choose just one!
Bowles Family, I love being able to do my friends family photos, it is a payback to them for being such great friends. It makes it easy when they have super cute kids too!